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Malini Saba is a leading global investor and philanthropist. She is renowned well as among the top successful female investors in the world. She is of South-Asian origin and is the founder and owner of Saban. The company boasts various investment interests in different industries among them technology firms in the United States, the real estate sector in Australia and India as well as oil and gas in China. Malini has a great passion for giving back to the community through her philanthropic works. She has pioneered several notable humanitarian programs to help the minority and women in the society.

Malini established Stree: Global Investments in Women in 2011, which is a non-profit foundation that aims at positively changing the global perception of children, at-risk women, and low-income earning women. Through its activities, the Stree foundation has managed to change how the minority view themselves and their roles in the today’s society. Malini was privileged to have her Stree inaugurated by the Jordan’s Queen Noor and former President Bill Clinton. The Foundation provides women with the ideal means to get access to legal empowerment and healthcare services. It also provides a forum for startup organizations to connect with the public policy in Africa, Eastern Europe, Central America and India.

In June 2005, Malini spearheaded the establishing of the first Heart Research Center for South Asians in the world. She was of substantial impact through her donation of $1 million to develop the facility at El Camino Hospital. In the 2004’s Tsunami, Malini visited the areas that the Tsunami had ravaged in Sri Lanka and India where she made a pledge of $10 million to the victims of the Tsunami scourge. Malini began her career as a Silicon Valley capitalist in the 1990’s. With her extensive experience and a broad spectrum of skills, she made significant investments in over 20 technology companies among them being PayPal Inc., NetScreen Technologies Inc., and Sycamore Networks Inc.

Malini is based in Los Angeles, from where she chairs the Board of Saban Group of Industries. She is a busy and dedicated woman and keeps her day occupied from juggling family, conferences, and meetings. Malini has a keen insight to look in the future of the markets as well as the trends in the market. She has always worked herself, and she is among the most successful self-made female investors in the world. Through taking her company as a startup company, regardless of its many achievements, she is able to maintain high standards of worker’s performance and the growth of her enterprise.