Securus Technologies Samples Comments from Prison Officials on Their High-End Technology

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This is an open invitation to lenders and facilities to visit the Securus technology center. The company provides a revolution technology for the environment and progressively helps correctional facilities to improve safety.


Secures technologies is one of the leading providers of criminal justice and technology solutions for corrections, investigation, public safety, and monitoring published numerous customer comments on their technology to prevent and solve crimes including inmate-to-inmate personal offenses.



Below is a small sample of related comments from emails and formal letters that the company receives from jail officials all-over the country. According to Securus Technologies, they test the comments from the officials tasked with the duty of maintaining law and order in prisons. For this reason, these individuals strive to make the prison environment safer and better.


The company has deducted specific references to counters, states, and facility names to protect the innocent people. The company develops new products and services every week to help correction professionals to enforce the law in the correctional facilities.


Richard A. Smith, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Secures Technologies, the company has received thousands of comments in letters and emails concerning the way they build the inmate society. According to him, building safety in prison set-ups is part of their DNA. For this reason, serving correctional facilities is their primary goal.


The comments

  • “Call monitoring was conducted regarding alcohol use and information in the correction centers. Drug and substance abuse in the facilities could be accessible through the Securus Technologies’ innovation. Suspicious transfer of money, threats, and past incidents involving gun-fires were all noted through the help of the company.”
  • When I called about the cover alert feature, we were in the middle of an investigation. We were pleased with your immediate response. This feature assisted us in the surveys and took the suspect into custody.