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The modern-day customer usually studies the customer reviews of different markets before making their purchase. The crowd, thus, determines the volumes of sales one is likely to make. Several brands like Fabletics are now employing the technique of capitalizing on the shift of consumer’s behavior with review-centric marketing strategies. Upon its launch in 2013, Fabletics has tremendously grown by over 200 %. Its revenue has escalated to over $235 million. The special technique that this company employed is through leveraging the eminence of reviews in the consumer journey. These reviews are important as they have the power to directly control the customer purchase, retention of various brands and lastly enhanced loyalty.


A recent study showed that most shoppers embrace reviews as well as they would embrace a recommendation from people they know. This proves that these reviews are an important determining factor in the decision-making during the buying session. The Chief Executive Officer of Trustpilot recently stated that there currently exists power, trust, and safety in the opinions and feedback of the crowd and clever brands should leverage that. Trustpilot is a company that has been involved in providing customer reviews for multiple businesses all over the world. It is thus filled with the ratings and reviews to help guide clients. This implies that for a company to be on the right track, it deserves for many positive reviews to inspire confidence in their clients or shoppers.


Amazon has been a great player controlling the market for about 20 %, and this has been making new companies have a hard time navigating through. This has however not been the case for Kate Hudson who in three years has rose Fabletics from the ground. The top fashion company has been using subscription mechanic to sell clothes to its clients. According to her, the powerful combination of the company includes aspirational brands, convenience, and membership. In the modern market today there are more things that matter more than just price and quality. Factors like last-mile service, customer experience, brand recognition and even gamification elements help determine a lot of things on succeeding.


In a recent statement Gregg Throgmartin, a General Manager, claimed that the secret of Fabletics was constructing a high-value brand ever since they started. He added their membership model is what enables them to provide personalized services and on-trend fashion at favorable prices to their clients, unlike their competitors. Fabletics Company has turned browsing to be a positive activity where bonding could happen and even get better market knowledge enabling you to study the behavior of your potential clients. According to the manager, it is much easier to make people happy when you know them and comprehend what they want. Fabletics brands can be listed in the growing organizations that are risk positive and comprehend the desires of their new consumers. Fabletics has managed to stay on top of the game through defining their company with exclusive products, enterprise technology, and even data science and scaling themselves.