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Preventing crime is a hard fret to do however preventing criminal behaviors inside of correctional facilities is easier with the help of Securus Technologies. The use of tools and services which can help to prevent criminal acts from happening inside of the prison is helping to make things safer for everyone.


When an inmate is sent away from their family for a crime they committed, the time spent away is better served when they learn to abide by rules and regulations. The inmates are given the tools they need to learn how to be successful once returned to the real world. Through classes and services, inmates are given the ability to find a way to learn how to act appropriately when released.


The inmates are presented with services that can be used by family members and friends to create a good place for inmates and family. The inmate will receive an account which will be used to connect them to their friends and family. The account is able to be funded in a variety of ways. If you are looking for a way to connect with each other by convenient payment methods, the use of prepaid calling cards is ideal. The ability to use a kiosk is also an essential role in preparing to connect with one another. If you have access to the internet, you can also deposit funds into your account through the web.


Once you have paid for the calls being made and have found a schedule that works to keep you in touch with one another, plan for visiting days. By showing the inmate that you are committed to helping them live outside of the prison, the odds are higher that they will not return right away to the prison system. If you want a way to help inmates in prison, turn to Securus Technologies for your next phone call from an inmate.


People sometimes have low self esteem for whatever reason. They might have grown up in a household where no one believed in them or said anything nice about them. People need to hear it and they need to feel it. It really shapes their future. It is why what Bob Reina is doing with Talk Fusion is so important and so vital to the future of so many people out there. They are realizing they matter and they have something to offer the world. It takes time to remove negative thinking from their brain. However, before long, when they see people respond to them in a positive manner, it will be second nature to them to feel good about themselves.


They will see what they can offer to the world and they will see how much they truly do matter in the grand scheme of life. Bob Reina is the CEO of the truly spectacular Talk Fusion with its video newsletters, emails, conferences, and chats. These help people get exposed to the world. People need exposure. They could be the most talented and creative person in the world, but if no one is made aware of them and no one knows they exist, they will not be seen or heard. That is truly a crying shame.


It is why people need to use everything that Talk Fusion offers to their advantage. It is for their benefit. Bob Reina and everyone over at Talk Fusion are big supporters of their customers. They consider them like family and they are treated like family. Bob Reina is a former police officer and he knows what people go through in life, the ups and the downs. He wants them to have a l6ot more ups along the way and to have a lot more things to look forward to in their lives.


The Tampa Bay Humane Society has a lot to look forward to after Bob Reina’s one million dollar donation to them. It truly was remarkable and it is the kind of thing that represents what Bob Reina stands for as a human being. Learn more:

Bridget Scarr is a multi talented businesswoman and entrepreneur located in London, United Kingdom. Not only is she an Executive Producer, but she is a writer, songwriter, singer, and most importantly a mother.


The Executive Producer’s life is spent doing meditation, finding inspiration, and looking after her young son. She starts her day with meditation, something she lives by religiously. It keeps her focused and energized. The whole family then eats a light breakfast, then she heads to work. She works meticulously from 9 to 12pm in which she writes her own original content. Lunch with the family happens everyday no matter what. After that she goes back to work where it is more laid back. She communicates with her associates, answers emails, and looks for other projects to work on. When work ends that day she spends time with her family going to the park, eating a light dinner, then once her son is asleep she relaxes or does some more work.


Bridget Scarr finds inspiration in the little things. Getting out in nature, having alone time, and meditation is what fuels her inspiration. Bridget is also inspired by virtual reality and augmented reality. She uses these forms when she is creating her art. This hardworking woman is currently the Executive Producer at Colibri Studios. She wanted to make a career shift and focus more on the creative aspect of content creation, so that is how Colibri Studios was born. At the Studio she can focus on a number of mediums such as traditional television projects, Exhibition projects, Digital Content, Augmented reality, and virtual reality. She is really into telling people’s stories from a historical standpoint. She finds people who have lived through certain events, and then paints their story to her audience. Finding the right team to tell these stories is also crucial. If you don’t have to right people, then it’s not going to have as much of an impact. Bridget doesn’t want to create mediocre content for viewers, she wants to stir their emotions and make them think intellectually. She has over 15 years experience in her respective field spanning over a number of productions such as entertainment, drama, factual entertainment programming, lifestyle, and children’s entertainment. She has oversaw teams of 5 to 220 people to create technical and creative projects. If she could give her younger self advice it would be to not be fearful, do your thing, meditate, and love unconditionally.


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Freedom Debt Relief has helped clients resolve billions of dollars in debt ever since it was established in 2002 – that’s over 15 years of experience and still counting. Over 400,000 people have enrolled in their excellent services so far and the number keeps growing. The debt relief options they offer are negotiation and settlement. Customers are highly impressed with the company’s services services as is evident from their rave customer reviews.

Freedom Debt Relief reviews by customers

There are a number of things that stand out in the reviews on the company’s website. One of these is the fact that there are no upfront payments. Payments are only made after the debt issue has been resolved.

The initial consultation is free and clients deal with one debt consultant from the beginning to the end of the debt resolution process. All debt is resolved within an average of 1-2 years. According to the  Freedom Debt Relief reviews, customers are confident in the company because it is accredited by the American Fair Credit Council (AFCC) and the IAPDA, which is evidence that the company abides by the highest ethical and industry standards.

Freedom Debt Relief reviews show their fees are also quite affordable compared to other debt relief companies. The amount charged is dependent on the amount of debt forgiven, typically 15-25%. On average, the company helps clients reduce their debt by as much as 50% or more. This can really ease their financial burden and give them a chance to repair their credit.


The above are just some of the reasons why Freedom Debt Relief reviews stands out from other debt relief companies. When you consider the quality of customer service and the customized solutions they offer clients, you will understand why their client base keeps growing by the day. Not many debt relief companies can boast of such great reviews by their clients.

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The modern-day customer usually studies the customer reviews of different markets before making their purchase. The crowd, thus, determines the volumes of sales one is likely to make. Several brands like Fabletics are now employing the technique of capitalizing on the shift of consumer’s behavior with review-centric marketing strategies. Upon its launch in 2013, Fabletics has tremendously grown by over 200 %. Its revenue has escalated to over $235 million. The special technique that this company employed is through leveraging the eminence of reviews in the consumer journey. These reviews are important as they have the power to directly control the customer purchase, retention of various brands and lastly enhanced loyalty.


A recent study showed that most shoppers embrace reviews as well as they would embrace a recommendation from people they know. This proves that these reviews are an important determining factor in the decision-making during the buying session. The Chief Executive Officer of Trustpilot recently stated that there currently exists power, trust, and safety in the opinions and feedback of the crowd and clever brands should leverage that. Trustpilot is a company that has been involved in providing customer reviews for multiple businesses all over the world. It is thus filled with the ratings and reviews to help guide clients. This implies that for a company to be on the right track, it deserves for many positive reviews to inspire confidence in their clients or shoppers.


Amazon has been a great player controlling the market for about 20 %, and this has been making new companies have a hard time navigating through. This has however not been the case for Kate Hudson who in three years has rose Fabletics from the ground. The top fashion company has been using subscription mechanic to sell clothes to its clients. According to her, the powerful combination of the company includes aspirational brands, convenience, and membership. In the modern market today there are more things that matter more than just price and quality. Factors like last-mile service, customer experience, brand recognition and even gamification elements help determine a lot of things on succeeding.


In a recent statement Gregg Throgmartin, a General Manager, claimed that the secret of Fabletics was constructing a high-value brand ever since they started. He added their membership model is what enables them to provide personalized services and on-trend fashion at favorable prices to their clients, unlike their competitors. Fabletics Company has turned browsing to be a positive activity where bonding could happen and even get better market knowledge enabling you to study the behavior of your potential clients. According to the manager, it is much easier to make people happy when you know them and comprehend what they want. Fabletics brands can be listed in the growing organizations that are risk positive and comprehend the desires of their new consumers. Fabletics has managed to stay on top of the game through defining their company with exclusive products, enterprise technology, and even data science and scaling themselves.


Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy manage an investment firm called The Windquest Group based out of Grand Rapids. The Windquest Group has holdings in some local retail and alternative energy companies, as well as home storage product manufacturers like The Stow Company.

The Stow Company just recently got a new CEO to replace longtime leader Frank Newman who recently retired. The new leader is Phil Dolci, a man with a lot of business experience at companies like Kraft Foods, Sanford L.P., and most recently Crosman Corporation, a sporting goods company. Dick DeVos spoke highly of Dolci’s qualifications and is confident The Stow Company will thrive under his leadership.

Dick DeVos has run a business himself, serving as CEO of Amway Corporation prior to heading up The Windquest Group. Dick learned much about business from his father, Richard DeVos Sr. who helped found Amway Corporation and was co-CEO with Jay Van Andel for many years.

Amway Corporation helped many people become independent business owners through selling products directly to them, and allowing them to resell them for a profit. Dick got his business degree at Northwood University, and became a company executive at only 29. He became CEO when his father stepped down in 1993 and held that position until 2002, when he passed it down to his brother Doug.

Dick DeVos has been a longtime proponent of school of choice and the expansion of private schools, and he was elected in 1990 to the Michigan State Board of Education. He and Betsy decided they wanted to help underprivileged children afford private schools, so they helped start several scholarship programs and tried unsuccessfully to get state voucher legislation passed.

They later started the Great Lakes Education Project to help expand charter schools, and even founded one of their own with an aviation-based curriculum and flying lessons called the West Michigan Aviation Academy. Just recently Betsy DeVos was selected to head the US Department of Education by President-Elect Donald Trump. Read more: About – The Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation
Dick joined the Grand Action committee in the early 1990s and throughout his time there has helped bring in businesses to downtown Grand Rapids. Dick also ran for governor in 2006, at one time even leading incumbent Jennifer Granholm in the polls.

He lost by a close margin, but it was the start of a broader effort he had to bring in new state laws. In 2012, he and a conservative coalition helped pass right-to-work legislation that overcame intense union leader opposition.

Learn more about Dick DeVos:

This is an open invitation to lenders and facilities to visit the Securus technology center. The company provides a revolution technology for the environment and progressively helps correctional facilities to improve safety.


Secures technologies is one of the leading providers of criminal justice and technology solutions for corrections, investigation, public safety, and monitoring published numerous customer comments on their technology to prevent and solve crimes including inmate-to-inmate personal offenses.



Below is a small sample of related comments from emails and formal letters that the company receives from jail officials all-over the country. According to Securus Technologies, they test the comments from the officials tasked with the duty of maintaining law and order in prisons. For this reason, these individuals strive to make the prison environment safer and better.


The company has deducted specific references to counters, states, and facility names to protect the innocent people. The company develops new products and services every week to help correction professionals to enforce the law in the correctional facilities.


Richard A. Smith, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Secures Technologies, the company has received thousands of comments in letters and emails concerning the way they build the inmate society. According to him, building safety in prison set-ups is part of their DNA. For this reason, serving correctional facilities is their primary goal.


The comments

  • “Call monitoring was conducted regarding alcohol use and information in the correction centers. Drug and substance abuse in the facilities could be accessible through the Securus Technologies’ innovation. Suspicious transfer of money, threats, and past incidents involving gun-fires were all noted through the help of the company.”
  • When I called about the cover alert feature, we were in the middle of an investigation. We were pleased with your immediate response. This feature assisted us in the surveys and took the suspect into custody.



In 2010, political commentator Glenn Beck ran a series of shows about the investor and financier George Soros. Among the many charges Beck made, he dug into what happened to Soros when he was a child, when the Nazis invaded his native Hungary and began rounding up Jews to send them to the Holocaust death camps. The family of Soros was Jewish, but not religiously observant.

During the show, Beck repeated some things Soros told The New Yorker in an interview published years earlier. Therefore, The New Yorker decided to respond to inaccuracies of context. Hendrik Hertzberg wrote an article to bring out facts about Soros which Beck did not mention during his show.

Hertzberg starts out by describing and dissecting the words and images of Beck’s show, and says that they are used to as a “ship of lies.” They are intended to give viewers the wrong impression of Soros, his experience under Nazi rule on and his relationship to his Jewish ancestry, making him appear an enemy of Israel. He agrees the quotes from the interview published in The New Yorker by Connie Bruck, “The World According to George Soros,” were accurate, but turned into lies by stripping away their original context.

Born in 1930 in Budapest, Soros escaped the German (and Hungarian) Nazis because his father forged papers and created false identities for his family. The end of World War II brought, not freedom for Hungary, but Communist rule. Soros escaped to England, where he went to the London School of Economics. George Soros started out working on Wall Street in 1956, where he specialized in European stocks. Later, his parents joined him in New York City. They fled from Hungary in the wake of the abortive rebellion, largely forgotten now, against the Soviet Union. Soros and his family have had the misfortune to experience tyranny from both the rightwing Nazis and the leftwing Communists.

Read more: Beck’s Dangerous Campaign

In 1969 Soros founded his first hedge fund, and it eventually became the Quantum Fund. It’s one of the most successful hedge funds of all time. He ranks 35 on the Forbes list of wealthiest people in the world on During the 1980s Soros contributed to groups seeking to bring democracy to the Soviet Union and its East Europe communist countries. He did this in keeping with the concept of an open society as advocated by Karl Popper, whom he studied while in school.

Since the downfall of communism in the Soviet block, Soros has shifted his political donations to liberal causes in Europe and the United States. In 2004 he actively supported groups working to elect John Kerry as president over George W. Bush. He also funds groups advocating various progressive and liberal causes, which Beck and other conservatives oppose.

Hertzberg objected that Beck mentioned of these points, but instead focused on how George Soros was trying to subvert the United States for his own greed and power. Hertzberg points out that echoes antisemitic charges. Hertzberg ends his article by pointing his finger at the men in charge of Fox News, Ruppert Murdoch and Roger Ailes, as the real culprits.

There are some powerful benefits to creating a Wikipedia page for your business or to boost your personal reputation. From a marketing perspective, it’s absolutely essential to have one.

Below are some of the top reasons why and also why you should look to Get Your Wiki to put together your Wikipedia page for you.

#1. Backlinks

While the backlinks that come from Wikipedia are no-follow backlinks, they still carry weight and are extremely helpful for building brand visibility and link diversity. When you make a Wiki page it will rank high in search engines and will put you or your brand right within reach of your potential audience.

Many marketers feel that even though the backlinks are no-follow, they are a “must have,” and that they seem to get more weight than you’d think.

#2. Brand Strength

Not only will your brand be more visible with a Wikipedia page, but it will also appear to be much more important than it is without one. Think about it. When you see that a company has a Wikipedia page, it legitimizes that company a whole lot more in your eyes. You see that the business has been recognized and is noteworthy enough to have a space on Wikipedia.

#3. Trust

When a business or person has a Wikipedia page, your trust for them grows. Wikipedia is a place that many people use to check facts and is considered an essential source of knowledge and information. Simply getting your business or yourself a page, there, creates an air of trust.

Should You Create a Wikipedia Page?

Many people attempt to put together their own Wikipedia page and have found out, the hard way, that it’s much better to have a professional do so. Creating a Wikipedia page is a long process and there is a long list of guidelines that you must follow, to a tee, if you want your page to be accepted.

Wikipedia has the right to flag or delete any profile created that doesn’t follow strictly adhere to its rules. You can even get some of the backlinks you place on your page blacklisted from Wikipedia, altogether, if you don’t do so properly and use them in the right context.

Should You Hire Wikipedia Experts To Create A Wikipedia Page For You?

The answer to this question is most definitely, YES!

But you shouldn’t hire just anyone to do the job. You need to hire someone that knows what they are doing so you don’t end up getting your page deleted.

Get Your Wiki  is a complete source of knowledgeable Wikipedia editors and writers that take the headache out of creating a page for you while giving you endless benefits and opportunities for one’s business or one’s online presence with a page created by professionals.

Don’t leave it up to chance and risk losing the opportunity to be spotlighted on Wikipedia, altogether. If you value your business reputation and want to improve your visibility, let Get Your Wiki help you.

Malini Saba is a leading global investor and philanthropist. She is renowned well as among the top successful female investors in the world. She is of South-Asian origin and is the founder and owner of Saban. The company boasts various investment interests in different industries among them technology firms in the United States, the real estate sector in Australia and India as well as oil and gas in China. Malini has a great passion for giving back to the community through her philanthropic works. She has pioneered several notable humanitarian programs to help the minority and women in the society.

Malini established Stree: Global Investments in Women in 2011, which is a non-profit foundation that aims at positively changing the global perception of children, at-risk women, and low-income earning women. Through its activities, the Stree foundation has managed to change how the minority view themselves and their roles in the today’s society. Malini was privileged to have her Stree inaugurated by the Jordan’s Queen Noor and former President Bill Clinton. The Foundation provides women with the ideal means to get access to legal empowerment and healthcare services. It also provides a forum for startup organizations to connect with the public policy in Africa, Eastern Europe, Central America and India.

In June 2005, Malini spearheaded the establishing of the first Heart Research Center for South Asians in the world. She was of substantial impact through her donation of $1 million to develop the facility at El Camino Hospital. In the 2004’s Tsunami, Malini visited the areas that the Tsunami had ravaged in Sri Lanka and India where she made a pledge of $10 million to the victims of the Tsunami scourge. Malini began her career as a Silicon Valley capitalist in the 1990’s. With her extensive experience and a broad spectrum of skills, she made significant investments in over 20 technology companies among them being PayPal Inc., NetScreen Technologies Inc., and Sycamore Networks Inc.

Malini is based in Los Angeles, from where she chairs the Board of Saban Group of Industries. She is a busy and dedicated woman and keeps her day occupied from juggling family, conferences, and meetings. Malini has a keen insight to look in the future of the markets as well as the trends in the market. She has always worked herself, and she is among the most successful self-made female investors in the world. Through taking her company as a startup company, regardless of its many achievements, she is able to maintain high standards of worker’s performance and the growth of her enterprise.